Yo, what's up? Call me Matt. I don't have much to say except that I'm just a dude who likes to smoke, eat, hack and game...a lot. That's it.

(OOC: Hi~ This is mainly a roleplay blog for Matt (Mail Jeevas from Death Note) but can be an ask blog if you like to get to know how I play Matt~ I'll be honest, I'm not the 'best' Matt rper but I try. :P Sorry if my replies suck and whatnot. ;-; I ship MelloxMatt like mad but also would try at fooling around with MattxMatt and other diff couples like MattxMisa and such~ Let me know if you're interested<3 I'm open to rping with any characters on a conversation/friendly basis if not from the DN fandom too. So yeah, if ya want, say 'hi' to my Matty~ hehe c:)

NOTE: All art images that I post here belong to their original owners and not me (unless I state so).

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